Malatya Airport Fast Car Rental

Malatya  Airport Fast Car Rental
Malatya Airport is a small airport located approximately 21 miles from the city center and handles approximately 400,000 passengers annually. The city is an instant hit with its lush parks, wide, tree-lined boulevards, interesting bazaars, and protection from too many tourists. When you come to Malatya, visiting the Levent Valley is among the main things you should do. In this remote valley there are magnificent mountains and gorges, as well as quaint villages where apricots are grown and houses are often made of mud and straw. The historical places and ancient ruins near Battalgazi, which is home to the Great Mosque, are also very interesting. You can also enjoy a day trip to Mount Nemrut National Park. In the Anti-Taurus mountain range, with Malatya to the north and Kahta to the south, there is an extraordinary 50-meter-high burial cone and a fascinating 2106-meter-high mountain peak. You can take advantage of Otobooking Malatya Airport car rental opportunity to witness all these beautiful views and have a pleasant journey.
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